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Located in Detroit Lakes, MN, Ness Granite Works Inc offers a wide variety of granite products and services. Our granite is of the finest quality offered in a variety of shapes and colors. Stop in to our full indoor showroom to see the quality in person. Not only are our products of supeior quality, they are offered at an affordable price.



Ness Granite Works, Inc. provides custom granite monuments designed to fit your needs. These upright monuments will leave a lasting impression for your loved ones. An unlimited combination of designs, shapes and colors allow you to find the perfect stone created with unmatched quality and precision.  
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Our mausoleums are made of the finest granite formed by highly skilled craftsmen. These above ground monuments are considered breathtaking architectural creations.
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Markers create a more simplified solution to your memorial needs. They require little maintenance as they are flush with the ground. Though the shape is simple, the design can be as detailed as you wish. Our technique allows us to create colors and images that reveal the true beauty of the stone.  
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In addition to memorials, Ness Granite Works, Inc. offers a variety of miscellaneous products made from top quality granite. Have a project in mind? Contact us today to see how we can best fulfill your granite needs. 
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